Our goal is to provide our client’s with excellent investigative services at a reasonable cost. If at any time during the course of an investigation it is determined that the case is no longer workable, we will recommend ceasing the investigation in an effort to keep our “clients’ costs” down.


The total cost of an investigation varies case by case.  Unlike other professions, our investigators are dealing with the unknown and unknown facts.  In addition to the investigators time, there can be costs for obtaining reports and records which are needed to properly investigate a case.  Law Enforcement Agencies and Courts do charge fees.  Data bases that we utilize also charge fees for each report.  In addition, Private Investigators are required by law to charge and collect sales tax on the cost of the total investigation.

Unlike other businesses that require people to travel to the place of business, Private Investigators may be required to travel to obtain information or conduct surveillance.  Mileage, travel time and lodging might be additional expenses.

Depending upon the case and the significance of the facts might require extensive report writing and/or affidavits written for the purpose of Court proceedings. Time spent for preparing reports is another expense associated with an investigation.      

Cases which require surveillance are on the subject’s time line and often is unknown to both the client and investigators. Surveillance can become expensive in a very short period of time.  Our investigators will work with the client as best as possible to determine if and when surveillance should be conducted.  In addition to conducting physical surveillance, preparation work is often conducted before the actual surveillance is started.  Once surveillance is completed, there is often additional time spent downloading and reviewing photo’s and/or video coupled with report writing. 

For cases in which surveillance would be required for multiple consecutive days, please contact us for further information and details.   

retainer required - Credit Cards accepted

Unless otherwise arranged, a retainer is required before any investigative work is started.  Retainers will vary depending upon the investigative work requested. Please contact us for further information. For the convenience of our clients, we do accept credit cards.