With over 100 years of combined law enforcement experience and legal knowledge we are able to provide unsurpassed professional investigative services to our clients.

Our Experience

Our staff consists of seasoned veteran law enforcement and legal personnel. Each of them brings their own unique investigative skills and specialty areas. They have over 100 years combined experience in the law enforcement and legal profession. They are committed to working together in an effort to provide clients with the best investigative services possible.

During their careers in both the public and private sector, they have conducted countless investigations. These investigations have ranged from simple to very complex investigations. Investigations have ranged from locating missing persons to investigating complex “cold case” death investigations which have been over 20 years old.  During these “cold case” death investigations new facts were discovered which were unknown and/or overlooked in the past.  By utilizing today’s tools and technology coupled with our experienced investigators has resulted in a complete thorough investigation and final closure for family and friends.

Convert experience

Our investigators are experienced in conducting “covert” (undercover) investigations which includes extensive experience in conducting surveillance. The training and years of law enforcement experience conducting surveillance has resulted in our investigators knowing and determining when and how surveillance should be conducted. When conducting surveillance, there are multiple variables that have to be taken into consideration which are often unknown to a client who is seeking to have surveillance conducted.

Analytical Experience

Many investigations require analytical work to be performed. Analytical work might consist of reviewing reports, trial transcripts, evidence such as blood spatter, trajectories of projectiles, time lines, reviewing and analyzing crime scene and/or autopsy photos.

When we receive a request to locate a missing person and/or a witness, often times the client has already conducted countless hours themselves trying to locate the person utilizing online searches. Our investigators have extensive experience in link analysis. By utilizing link analysis coupled with utilizing a variety of data bases and/or field work, we have often been able to get the results for the client.

Our Mission

Our objective is to fully identify and understand the primary and peripheral issues of our clients’ problems and to resolve those issues with the comprehensive approach of applying all appropriate resources available. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with each client independently and in tailoring our approach to each case to best resolve the specific issues. Our aggressive, enthusiastic and persistent tactics are reflected in the positive results we achieve. Most importantly we adhere to integrity, confidentiality, objectivity and discretion.