Locating Missing Heirs - Beneficiary - Assets

Most cases that are filed in probate court won’t require the services of a Licensed Private Investigator.  However, on occasion the Attorney and/or Executor of the Estate will find themselves in the situation in which a person(s) is listed as a beneficiary in a Will or a legal descendant of the decedent who is legally entitled to part of the decedent’s estate cannot be located. The situation might exist in which other assets may exist and need to be located.

For situations mentioned above, then utilizing our agency to locate missing heirs and/or assets can potentially result in finalizing the estate much sooner and keep the overall costs down.  Our staff consists of Law Enforcement and Legal experienced investigators. In addition they are well versed with the probate laws and the probate court process.

Our agency does have access to multiple data bases which are not available to the general public. Our investigators are highly experienced in conducting investigations and know where to find facts and information pertaining to individuals and assets. Our investigators will work closely with the Attorney and/or Executor of the Estate.