Our investigators are skilled professionals who have conducted countless investigations over the years. When it comes to conducting investigations, experience matters. We have that experience.

Don Sazma

Don is a retired Law Enforcement Investigator.  He has been involved in law enforcement for over 30 years.  He has an Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business.  During the course of his Law Enforcement career, he has worked as an investigator assigned to Gangs and Special Investigations.  He has worked numerous cases (State and Federal) which involved drugs, violent crimes, weapons, fraud, missing persons, homicides and Homeland Security.

Don is experienced in both covert (undercover) and overt operations.  He has spent countless hours conducting surveillance on criminal suspects.  Don is an experienced investigator in interviewing, interrogation, statement taking, collection / analysis of records, securing / preserving evidence, surveillance, preparation / execution of search / arrest warrants, preparation / execution of court orders, report writing and court testimony.

Mia Rapoport

Mia has worked in the field of criminal defense law for 32 years supporting numerous attorneys and working directly with clients in the investigations of their cases to build defenses in court.  She has extensive knowledge of the court system and has excellent research skills.  She has taken hundreds of statements and interviews over the years and is well adept at analysis of statements and records, preparing legal documents, report writing and court testimony.  Mia has also worked on a many covert and overt investigations and has conducted numerous hours of surveillance. 

Mia has assisted several families in their investigations of a death related incident in an effort to bring further closure to remaining unanswered questions.  This is particularly sensitive to her as she lost her own daughter under unclear and accidental circumstances and is passionate about her desire to continue to aid others in these types of matters. 

Jim Meehan

During his career as a Law Enforcement professional, he conducted countless investigations which include homicides, burglaries, accidental deaths, suicides, automobile thefts, arson, fraud, traffic accidents and crimes against children.  As a Police Officer – Paramedic, Jim was a first responder on countless traffic accidents, personal injury and death related incidents.  In addition to being the first responder, he was often assigned to being the lead investigator to conduct the follow up investigations pertaining to these types of incidents to determine whether they were suspicious, accidental, natural or if fraud was involved.
As a Police Officer – Investigator, Jim investigated multiple automobile thefts and suspicious fires in order to determine possible fraudulent activity within those cases.  If fraud was determined Jim worked diligently with the insurance companies to prevent those fraudulent claims from being paid out.